Scoliosis Strong Stories featuring Keegan Connor

Setting Scoliosis Straight is proud to present our new patient interview series called “Scoliosis Strong Stories”. This series shares  scoliosis patients stories as they are interviewed by other scoliosis patients from around the world. Each patient who has spinal surgery has a unique story to tell. Watching these inspirational stories from patients who have worn […]

Scoliosis Warrior Keegan Connor on B100

Keegan Connor is Miss South Bend’s Teen, and her platform is about Scoliosis Awareness. She shares her story of how she found out and how it impacted her life. Hear how she thought her dream to perform one day on Broadway was over and how she views it now! When Keegan was first diagnosed, she […]

Teen turns diagnosis and passion for dogs into non-profit

Keegan Connor, 14, launched the non-profit Keegan Cares to help raise awareness about scoliosis and prevent late diagnoses. Sarah Jones WTHR WTHR Channel 13, Oct. 2nd 2020 Indianapolis CARMEL, Ind. — Keegan Connor, 14, has turned her love for dogs and her recent scoliosis diagnosis into a campaign to help others. “When I was having […]

Thrown for a Curve

Thrown for a Curve as 13-year-old Keegan Connor unexpectedly finds out she has severe scoliosis and undergoes a new spine surgery called VBT (vertebral body tethering).

TickerTV – Fearless – Never 100%

Keegan Connor is Guest on TickerTV on Dr. Steven Enticott’s show,  ‘Fearless’. This episode’s theme is, You’re Never 100% but go for your dreams anyway! Dr. Steven Enticott is “the encourager” where he interviews people who have successfully overcome their biggest fears. Doctor Steve host holds unique insights as a senior tax partner, as a chaplain, […]

Spotting the Signs of Scoliosis Can Change Everything

When I was younger, I thought scoliosis had to do with your skull.  Little did I know I would experience the true meaning of a curved spine. For years I’ve performed and taken classes in ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, and musical theatre.  Because of my activities, I thought my back was ‘tight’.  I’ve been to the […]

Thrive Global – Keegan Connor: “Never Change”

By Karina Michel Feld, Executive Producer of Tallulah Films “I wish someone told me that you don’t have to make your music to please others. Just tell a story from the heart and others will listen to the tune or message.” “I wish someone told me that music isn’t the same experience for everyone! It’s different […]