In the summer after 7th grade, I made my first music video, I was turning 13, going into my last year of middle school and everything was going great. I had a regular checkup at Wittler Orthodontics and didn’t know then that my life would be forever changed. The office manager Julie Downs spotted my shoulder blade sticking out and recognized that as a sign of scoliosis.
We’re so grateful she spoke up.

Each year more than 3 million people in the US are diagnosed with scoliosis with most of those being girls between the ages of 10-15 and I was one of them. Now it’s my mission to share so others are aware of the signs of scoliosis, the options if diagnosed, how it affects one’s body image, and how friends can be supportive.

I’ve spoken live in front of nearly 1,500 7th graders and would be happy to talk with students, parents, or groups.


Keegan delivered an engaging presentation with confidence and poise! She spoke to groups of over 100 totaling nearly 700 for the day using questions, personal testimony, and relevant presentation techniques to keep everyone’s eyes on her.  Students felt comfortable asking questions and had plenty of them once she sparked their curiosity with this timely topic.  I was most impressed with Keegan’s ability to appropriately address each and every question, no matter how very “middle school” they came across.  She was warm and welcoming and greeted each student who wanted to stay after to meet her or give her positive feedback.  She was truly one of the best speakers we have ever had!”

Amy Abriani, Health Teacher, Westfield Middle School